Rule of Law and Democratic Governance

ISB is a member of the consortium leaded by Management System International that is managing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) multi-year anti-corruption initiative and supports the Albanian Coalition Against Corruption (ACAC). As an Albanian institute, ISB is an active member of the ACAC.

2007. ISB was contracted by USAID’s project “Rule of Law”/CASALS to prepare a commentary and training manual on prevention of conflict of interest law and to establish a pool of trainers. The intention was to continue the collaboration with CASALS, HIDA and ITAP with a large program of trainings of civil servants as well as business community, civil society and media on Conflict of Interest prevention. By the beginning of 2007, ISB with CASALS organized the training of 80 public officials on Conflict of Interest.

2004-2005. ISB played a primary role in the process of preparation of the law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest of Public Officials and has continuously provided TA to High Inspectorate of Assets Declarations (HIDA) as well as GoA for a successful enforcement of the law either for adoption of secondary legislations or capacity building). The activity of ISB was financed through own funding of ISB.

2001-2004. ISB was the main Albanian partner of MSI for the implementation of USAID project on Anticorruption. ISB role was focused on policy and new legislation related to the anticorruption and good governance.

During 2002. Draft-law “On assets and liabilities disclosure of public officials”. ISB experts provided technical assistance in preparing several policy papers and legal instruments that can reduce corruption opportunities and strengthen the transparency and improve the accountability of the public institutions. ISB has also conducted several activities for strengthening ACAC, like increasing public awareness on corruption and promoting action against corruption.

2001 –2002. Parliamentary investigation, financed by MSI/USAID.  ISB in co-operation with the Institute for Parliamentary Practices prepared the draft law on establishing the investigating commission of the parliament


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