Rule of Law and Democratic Governance

January 2004- December 2006. Promoting Reciprocal Understanding of Relations Between the EU And Western Balkan Countries, covered by Cards/EU. ISB was sub-contracted by European Institute (Bulgaria). ISB contribution was spread though the three project components, such as:

  1. Regional Networking Component:  providing opportunity of local policy experts, EC representatives and central administration in WB countries to jointly decide on regional and national priorities related to EU-Western Balkans relations and to provide overall monitoring of project implementation;
  2. Awareness Building: raising the public knowledge and awareness on the individual WB countries and the region as a whole integration into the political and economic mainstream of Europe based on building public awareness and confidence on EU related matters in a candidate country as Bulgaria.
  3. Research Component: analyzing current situation on national and regional levels, identify gaps, deficits, provide policy recommendations on how to avoid mistakes and share best practices.

September-November 2002. EU Information and Documentation Center, financed by EU-Phare Programme, with international partner in implementation Services Techniques Globaux s.a. (STG).

May 2002. National Conference on Albanian EU Integration, funded by the Government of Albania.

2000-2001. Public awareness on European Union and opportunities and challenges of EU integration of Albania, financed by Delegation of European Commission in Tirana.

September – November 2002. EU Information and Documentation Center. The project was financed by EU-Phare Programme, with technical partner Services Techniques Globaoux s.a. (STG).

2000-2001. Public Awareness on European Union Opportunities and Challenges of EU Integration of Albania. The project was financed by the Delegation of European Commission in Tirana.

2000-2001. Acquaintance of European Institutions. The project consisted in organizing several seminars with European and Albanian trainers for various groups such as public managers, journalists, NGOs and lecturers in order to promote acquaintance with European institutions, rules and developments. The project was based on pervious successful researches on the degree of acquaintance and on drafting the Communication Strategy of the EU Delegation in Tirana. It also provided training for key Albanian government officials on the issues dealing with: Albanian integration in EU; the relevant procedures and technical steps that the government need to undertake in achieving Albania’s integration.

1998.Survey on public knowledge on EU and Public Relation Strategy, financed by theDelegation of European Commission in Tirana.


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