Rule of Law and Democratic Governance

2001 –2002. Parliamentary investigation Financed by MSI/USAID.  ISB in co-operation with the Institute for Parliamentary Practices prepared the draft law on establishing the investigating commission of the parliament.

1999-2001.   Financed by OSFA and SCD, ISB contributed in giving policy advice and drafting the new legislation related to the judiciary system in Albania. The two key laws prepared were:

1999-2000. Bailiffs’ Office Re-organization law including technical advice for the start-up phase. The project, co-financed by OSFA, consisted in: identifying the institutional problems of bailiff’ agency; re-organization models and preparing the relevant draft laws.

1999. The law on High Council of Justice and its inspectorate, financed by OSFA. ISB in cooperation with IPLS supported legal drafting process and organized several round tables inviting all relevant stakeholders.

November 1998. Freedom of information and protection of personal data. The project was financed by USAID/CE, while IRI was the technical partner. The objective was the preparation of two draft-laws i) “On the right to information and official documents”; ii) “On protection of personal data”. The methodology of the project was the combination of the technical aspect of preparing the draft with the process of discussion in order to achieve preliminary and stable consensus by the main actors. The first stage was concluded with the approval of two laws, while the second stage was encouraging the implementation in the daily government practice.

998. The establishment of the Ombudsman institution “Avokati i Popullit”. Project was financed by US Embassy Small Grants for Democracy.  ISB has been active in promoting and involving civil society, especially those NGOs dealing with human rights, and has cooperated closely with the OSCE office in Tirana.  The activities of this phase have been covered by the financial resources of ISB.

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