Rule of Law and Democratic Governance

May 2008. Review of Civil Service Law Implementation Challenges in Albania. ISB in partnership with PAI – UK (Public Administration Institute) will review and monitor the implementation of the civil service law, progress done so far as well as identification and analyses of problems faced and challenges towards the modernization of the Albanian civil service. To achieve the project objective ISB will work very closely with the Ministry of Interior, specifically with the Department of Public Administration and Civil Service Commission.  The project is financed by World Bank.

December 2004 - March 2006. Encouraging the Reform of the Albanian Civil Service System, financed by EU. ISB was the local partner of Ramboll Management. The project assisted GoA and Department of Public Administration (DoPA), Institute of Training of Public Administration (ITAP) and Civil Servant Commission (CSC) to further implement the civil service reform in Albania. Main services provided were linked to: DoPA i) job classification and salary reform ii) review and improvement recruitment process iii) preparation of secondary legislation and manuals of instructions ITAP: i) strengthening the capacities of training need assessment at ITAP, ii) review and preparation of training program; CSC: i) review and improvement of internal rules of procedures ii) strengthening the capacities of CSC for monitoring the enforcement of civil servant law by public institutions.

September 2001- May 2004. Encouraging the Reform of Albanian Civil Service. ISB was the local partner of IBF International Consulting. Department of Public Administration (DoPA) was the main beneficiary of this project for the implementation of the Civil Service Law. Other key beneficiary institutions were Institute of Training of Public Administration (ITAP) and Civil Servant Commission (CSC) as well as line ministries. The project contributed on:

  • Establishing and refining framework and procedures for implementation of the Civil Service Law
  • Supporting public agencies in implementation of the Civil Service Law
  • Marketing Civil Service Law and its implementation strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Civil Service Law implementation

2001-2003. Public Procurement, sub-contracted by MSI. The contribution of ISB consisted in giving qualified technical assistance for improving the legal framework of procurement procedures and strengthening the Public Procurement Agency. It also focused on attracting and involving the business community in the reform of the procurement sector.

March 2001-March 2002     Public Administration Salary survey, contracted by WB.

September November 2001. Civil Servant survey, contracted by WB supported by ACER.
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